The majority of the population in the world cannot start the day without their mandatory dosage of caffeine. One cup of coffee is all that most of us need to get out and about.

Sometimes the coffee also becomes a quick fix to pull an all-nighter for studying that last chapter before the exam or completing the presentation due for the next day at work. Just like you all, we consider coffee as our fuel too.

But did you know, that coffee you consume at 9 in the morning hits your different than the coffee you drink at 5 in the evening?

There are certain hours in the day where caffeine hits all the right spots in your body, boosting your metabolism, accelerating your brain function, and even increase the energy levels. But there is a certain period when you should avoid consuming coffee like early in the morning or post-sunset.


Consuming coffee first thing in the morning is not good for your empty stomach. The human body tends to produce cortisol (the chemical responsible for leveling stress hormones) as soon as it wakes up. This alertness hormone triggers the stress levels of the body and caffeine is also considered a catalyst in alerting the body. This is why the combination of coffee and cortisol together in the morning is not advisable.

To experience the goodness of coffee, you should wait for at least an after waking up to sip the first up. Caffeine acts as an antagonist against the adenosine receptor, which is known to promote sleepiness.

After waiting for an hour and letting the cortisol kicking out, take your first cup and you will feel your energy levels rising and the feeling of drowsiness going away. Caffeine instantly starts to kick in your body and reached a peak level in blood within 30 minutes approximately. It has a shelf life of 3 to 5 hours in the human body.

The best time to drink coffee is between 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening, when you are in your most productive phase. A cup of coffee will give you the desired energy boost for the rest of your day and will induce your brain to function better.

If you take coffee at the right time and moderation, it can even help you out with many heart-related conditions, reducing the risk of liver diseases and even preventing the occurrence of diabetes in some people.  It is also advisable to take something to eat before you take your coffee just to avoid any digestive issues when you take it empty stomach.

As already discussed, one should consume coffee while their bodies at the peak of the cortisol production, so that the production tones down. The green beans of Haraaz are known to provide an energetic boost to the body, which will help you fight the drowsiness.


The next caffeine fix you will look forward to for the day must be outside the peak of cortisol production times. Try and consume any time between 1 in the afternoon to 6 in the evening. A strong cup of Yemeni coffee will take away the lethargy and get you going on your feet within minutes. Skip that afternoon nap and get your work done in your most productive self.

Since coffee is known to stall sleep, avoid consuming caffeine any time after 6:00 pm unless you want to stay wide awake in the night.

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