Haraaz Coffee

why is haraaz the best coffee in the world

Originated back in the 15th century, coffee still stands to be one of the most storied natural resources in Yemen. With the rich ancient history and legacy, the red berries of Yemen have attained its place for being the best quality coffee in the entire world. For all the right reasons.

Being one of the highest coffee-producing countries, Yemen has multiple regions with coffee plantations. The dry weather of the country and the high altitude attributes to the naturally sweet taste of the coffee.

Unlike other countries, most of the coffee cultivation in Yemen is still carried out manually. The dry processing method is used for the original process of coffee making in Yemen.

There are many varieties of coffee beans exported from Yemen including flavours that are fruity, minty, chocolatey, nutty, and even with a tint of booze flavour at times.

One of the finest coffee variety of Yemen is the Haraaz coffee. Produced with the utmost level of care, Haraaz coffee is processed, roasted, and brewed to perfection from the bright red berries. These berries are only found in the higher lands of Haraaz, facing extreme weather conditions.

After the berries are matured enough, the local farmer’s handpick each berry from the trees and pack them safely in the plastic bags. They carry these plastic bags on their backs from the farm to the pick-up trucks. The trucks transport these beans through the rugged mountain roads to nearby locations where the berries are unloaded in large containers. These containers are then taken to dry in the sun naturally. The old school method of drying the berries under the natural light is used to keep the strong flavour of the berries intact.

Once the crop is dried for several days, the farms pack these dried berries in bags and sell them to all the local traders who then transport the beans to various grinding and peeling plants. After the grinding process, these coffee powder is then sold to local retailers and exporters.

The whole process of cultivating the beans and making it available at the store is a daunting task in itself. Yemen has always been subjected to war, economic stability, extreme climate conditions, and other political disruptions too.

The fresh beans of Haraaz grow with the years of legacy and untamed efforts of the local farmers, making it the richest and perhaps the rarest exquisite coffee in the world.

The conditions in the high mountains of Haraaz are not always favourable ones. Even the supply of the coffee beans, most often than not, does not meet the global demands due to the limited growth of the berries. The rare characteristics of the coffee beans make it highly sought and widely renowned for its complex and distinct profile.

The medium to dark roasted beans of Haraaz coffee produced in the mountain ranges of Yemen is one of its kind coffee beans. The beans are so highly sought in the global market that they are rarely available in the local coffee shops or the aisles of the grocery stores.

Once you get your hands on these beans and taste the beautiful concoction of coffee, the aroma will spoil you for life. For all the coffee lovers, tasting Haraaz coffee will change your taste buds for good and you will not be going back to any other kind.

Yemen undoubtedly houses the best coffee beans in the global market and has the world’s oldest coffee drinking culture. Even amidst all the internal disturbance and the ongoing civil war in the country, Yemen still takes advantage of the lucrative opportunity and supplies the finest and premium quality Haraaz beans throughout the world.

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